Fausto is intensely passionate & has always known he wanted to make visuals. From first watching Pulp Fiction at his friend’s mom’s house at a far too young age, to selling DVDs of his high-school-film back to the students, working as a video-store clerk to getting his BA in the film school at the University of Cape Town. 

Fausto is obsessed with the way an image can evoke a powerful mood or emotion. His commercial films are diverse, but each carries a distinctive stylistic stamp, and there is something ambient and lingering in the impact of his craftsmanship. His style is cinematic. He is known for coaxing charming & honest performances out of a range of individuals, and has a knack for pairing striking visuals with energising soundtracks. He has a strong sense for craft and pre-production in getting the final image perfect. When he isn’t directing he is taking photos & devouring music. His photography has seen him build up a formidable portfolio of stills – exhibited and sold in galleries and showcased online, shooting campaigns for Coca-Cola, Edgars & Nike.

Fausto is strongly devoted to diversity, he’s an advocate of & embodies individuals of all backgrounds and skin colours from both the mainstream and the under-represented, which casts a unique dynamic to his body of work.

A few of his clients include Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Spotify, KFC, Google, Nissan & Hyundai.

His work has won awards at One Show, D&AD, Ciclope Africa & The Loeries Awards.

He shoots commercials, music videos, documentaries, stills and content.

Contact:  fausto@faustobecatti.com


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